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These cassettes come from the lost vault of a deceased record dealer who had a hidden collection of rare vintage metal. In the interest of dispersing this cursed dead-stock throughout the world we now offer them to you.

This sealed, shrink-wrapped cassette is the original Roadrunner release (RR 9105-4). Features 12 hideous compositions:

Disincarnate - Stench of Paradise Burning

Suffocation - Prelude to Repulsion

Cynic - Uriboric Forms

Gorguts - Hideous Infirmity

Sorrow - Illusion of Freedom

Death - God of Thunder

Malevolent Creation - Piece by Piece

Atrocity - Unspoken Names

Brujeria - Padre Nuestro

Immolation - No Forgiveness

Skin Chamber - Sucked Inside 

 Fear Factory - martyr